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What if uroflowmetry is available at home?

Home Urine Flow Test

  • Full picture and longitudinal trend captured from daily life.
  • Improves access to care and patient engagement with self-tracked data.
  • proudP® smartphone uroflow - A proven, reliable tool ready at patients’ hands.

Office Uroflowmetry

  • Single snapshot in artificial setting does not capture intra-patient variability.
  • Virtual visits with technical limitations
    - lack of physical examination.
  • Limited access to urology specialists.
  • Operational inefficiency, where capital equipment & clean up post voiding required.
How does proudP work with urine sound?
Records urine sound with built-in microphone and converts it to instantaneous urine flow rate, Q(t). The maximal and average flow rate, voided volume and voiding time are derived from the Q(t).
Can smartphone measure urine flow?
A medical app, HIPAA-compliant, Class II Uroflowmeter(EXY). It just needs a patient’s smartphone and urine sound. As it was proven by over 50,000 patients, users, and clinicians, it’s easy.
Clinicians get access to real-time data.

What kind of data do I get? How to access?

  • Flow curve, Max & Avg flow rate
  • Voided volume, Voiding time
  • Voiding frequency
  • Weekly / monthly / yearly trend
  • IPSS and OABSS
Accurate enough for my practice & research?
The AI algorithms built from over 120,000 clinical and real world samples, and validated by 7 clinical studies in the US and Korea showing accuracy of 95% for maximal flow rate (Qmax) and 92% for voided volume in real bathroom settings.